Visiting the vet :)


Among the growing list of things Remus doesn’t like is car rides. In an attempt to get him used to them and the inevitability of vet visits, I drove him to the vet today “just for fun” and to get him weighed. He whined and scrabbled and left scratch marks all over me, but we made it. He got cookies and treats and actually made a doggie friend with a chihuahua-doxen mix. We coaxed him on the scale and I was surprised when it stopped at 15.1 lbs. We’d weighed him 6days ago and he was 11.75 lbs. I had been hoping for what I thought a reasonable 13lbs. 15? He’s averaging gaining half a pound in body weight per day. I decided to measure him then too, and he’s between 16-17inches tall. He was between 12-14 when we got him 10 days ago. Sheesh! I knew wolfhounds grew fast, but thats pretty ridiculous. My puppy isn’t going to fit on my lap for very much longer. I’m so proud 🙂

Now to get him potty trained, buh. We have great days and we have not so great days. I don’t want to leave him on the linoleum any longer than I have to, because even with the soft bed he still manages to bang his elbows and ankles on the floor repetitively. Not being able to walk without tripping might have something to do with it…

Ah well, car rides, vet visits, bath time, grooming, all things Remus is getting exposed to and will eventually-hopefully-at least be able to tolerate.


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