My mom, Matthew, Rebecca and Nick, my father in-law, my sister in law Jessica, my sister in-law Rachel, and her husband (my brother in law once removed?) all came to my house Sat for a picnic 🙂 Mom and I cooked (mom mostly) and everybody brought card tables and chairs and we set up in the living room to eat. It was so great seeing everyone! Mom bought Remus several treats and a hard rubber ball, and Rebecca had bought him a stuffed spider chew toy. Remus was initially shy and unnerved by all the people crowding around him, but Rachel especially was not to be daunted and pet him wether he wanted it or not. He warmed up to everybody by the end of the day, except Matthew who he barked at everytime Matthew had the spider.

Remus and Mr. Keefer 🙂
Remus and Rachel, my sis-in-law 🙂

After everyone had left Remus was practically hyper with pent up energy. It must of been hard work being so timid for everyone, he was quite the clown as the house got quieter.

Sunday Brian and I had a “date” in Raleigh. Not really a date, just getting to finally spend some time with each other. We left Remus in his outdoor pen as we explored the REI, Best Buy, and Target in Raleigh. It was wonderful 🙂 We bought a bunch of movies, and when we came back Remus was sleeping with his butt in the hole he had dug in the middle of his pen. We had to rinse of his legs with the hose and he didn’t seem to mind so much, he squirmed a little-but not much, and nary a whimper did he utter. I’m hoping this means progress towards his fear of water/bathing. Watching a movie in the living room later, we let Remus out-my hopes being he’d fall asleep next to us. No such luck, even though it was past his bed time he was bent on playing and mouthing and barking. So I put him in his cage and like a wound up kid who doesn’t want to go to bed, as soon as he stretched out he was asleep. Yeah, I knew it was bedtime for him.

Brian and I finished up the movie in peace and went to bed ourselves. As cute as Remus is, I’ll be happy when he grows out of his puppyness. At least we haven’t had any accident indoors for awhile…

The spider toy Rebecca bought him
He’s a big boy 🙂

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