Wolf vs. Hound


With his long legs, dark grey scruffy coat, narrow snout and huge feet, Remus resembled a little wolf puppy more than he didn’t. After a thorough shaving, that is patchy at best, down through his extremely dense white blond underfluff that leaves his lanky frame entirely exposed, his sleek silhoute emphasizes his huge floppy ears and whip like tail. As a new “short hair” dog, Remus looks entirely like a hound. I’m working on getting a good picture, one hopefully with his ear cocked upright. His ears are floppy and when he’s just sitting around, they perk forward when he’s interested like any normal floppy eared dog. However, if he’s running, playing, or otherwise shaking his head, he often gets the right ear to flop upright across his forhead, making it stick up almost vertical. It gives him an adorable but entirely lopsided appearance. He’ll prowl around the yard with his one ear perked forward and the other one half cocked standing sentinal over his eyebrows.

He is completely blond now, with a really dark tail and a dark mask on his face. He looks kinda like a German Shepard puppy with his coloring, except no saddle markings, and he’s definitely all legs. His ears make his face entirely hound. He looks rather ridiculous, but doesn’t seem to mind now that the torture of the actual buzzing process is over. I think he’s cute regardless, but next time I don’t think I’ll shave him quite so close…


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