Irresponsible Dog owners


So, we’ve recently begun training Remus to heel on a leash. He had previously been too young to go on a forced walk at all (too much strain on extremely fagile growth plates), but finally we began short walks. Unlike the blackwater creek hike with dad, these walks are always short enough that he still has energy at the end… I took him out this morning for a walk, he was doing very very well. He had had diarrhea the night before and still had it, so I figured I’d mention it to the vet at his appointment. On our way back, only three yards away from our own, a large akita looking like dog comes charging from the back yard of the houses that back up to the ones on our street and freaking attacks Remus. I was BEYOND angry. I tried desperately to keep myself between Remus and the other dog, and I yanked/punched/kicked at the other dog repetitively to get him to back off. i finally had to scoop up Remus and kick the other dog to get him to leave. Meanwhile, the owner is like “Bad boy, haha, oh I’m sorry, he’s never done that before. C’mere, C’mere ____” I yelled at her that her freaking dog needed to be on a leash, Remus was a puppy, and she simply responded with “let me know if he (her dog) hurt him (my dog)” Fat white trash idiot.

The other dog did manage to bite Remus on the back leg, the punctures bled a little, but he seems to have full use of it. I’m more worried about psychological damage. I feel like I let him down, not getting that other dog off him fast enough. Not to mention he’s at such an impressionable puppy age, here I am socializing him, teaching him that walks are OK, other dogs and people are OK, and some dumpy idiot who can’t control her dog allows him to get attacked. Believe it or not, I’m not made at the dog. he was real pretty, and really out of control. He didn’t try to bite me at all, even when I was hitting him, his focus was entirely on Remus. ANY big dog should be on a leash or behind a fence when there are small dogs around. Many big dogs are hunters or very territorial, usually very Alpha breeds, and smaller dogs are easy targets. Same applies to Remus (which would be why we’re leash training him). He will always be on a leash, unless at a dog park playing with other big dogs…preferably ones I know, and ones he’s met on the leash first. NEVER will he be unrestrained in a neighborhood with small children, cats, and/or small dogs. Wolfhounds are sight hounds. If a chihuahua streaks in front of him like a tasty squirrel, it’s my fault if he catches and kills it, not his. I know his temperment and what he’s been bred for, I should have him controlled at all times.

That woman clearly does not know what she’s doing. Tomorrow morning I’m getting her information and reporting the incident to animal control. It sucks that if it happens again it will be taken out on the dog, she’s the one who should be caged and/or euthanized. It’s her poor handling that allowed the incident to happen in the first place.

I tried to get the information today, but she didn’t answer when I knocked/rang the doorbell. I don’t know if she was home or not, but I’m trying again tomorrow. I’m also finding a weighted stick/baton/maglight to carry when I take Remus for his next walk.


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