Ok, so the more I look at these growth charts, Remus isn’t just runty, he’s TINY. He’s exactly a month behind where he should be. If he were a month younger he’d be right in the middle, average. Not big or small, but exactly where he needs to be. Now, if I look back at his heights and weights back to when we first got him and the next couple of vet trips and subtract a month he is always right on track, and I mean dead on how heavy and tall he should be IF he were a month younger. If he were a month YOUNGER it would explain why it took longer to potty train him (took longer for him to get old enough to hold it) why he’s teething so LATE (almost four months and he just lost a tooth? usually teething starts around 2-3 months…) and why it took him so long to eat solid food. I thought he just didn’t like it at first, he took the smallest bites and took forever to chew.

I think the breeder may have screwed us over. I know some puppies can be taken from their dams at 6 weeks, but if I count backwards, we would’ve had Remus at FIVE weeks. Some breeders won’t let wolfhound puppies leave until they’re at least ELEVEN weeks old. it would explain a heck of a lot. I’m trying to keep an open mind, maybe Remus is just small, he’ll be the smallest wolfhound in history, practically a toy breed in comparison. I’m trying not to get angry, more research is necessary. Maybe he’s just a late bloomer…somehow I think my hunch is right. That would make Remus 11.5 weeks old today.


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