Runt or Giant?


Remus is 37.5lbs and 21-22 inches at the shoulders. He’s exactly 16 weeks old today. According to some growth charts I’ve found online, this puts Remus at the short end of the stick as far as size goes. According to other articles, wolfhound puppies tend to be bizarre in growth, some of the smallest puppies waiting to have their last growth spurt much later in their first 18 months and usually ending up huge, and others reaching full height potential in as little as 9 months. Usually puppies of any one breed follow the same pattern of growth, but trust me to find the one breed that’s wildly unpredictable. So either I have a runty adorable wolfhound puppy who might only make it to 30 inches at the shoulder and 120lbs, or I have a late blooming adorable monster that might top the charts.

Either way, he’s still cute.

Newsflash, we have mastered the stairs! Now, I just need to get him to come when I call but when he CAN’T see me. He’ll come the second I’m in view, but until then he is a whiney confused upset puppy.

Oh, and I think I’d like to breed him, but I don’t think I’m going to show him, which means I’m going to trim him how I see fit. His face whiskers will be duly tamed and managed, even if that type of grooming “insults the dignity of the wolfhound” according to one article. At least his underfuzz has grown out from his buzzing (I’m sure that was quite the dignity insult) and his adult coat shouldn’t grow out until he’s at least 6 months. Less shedding, and much less dirt drug in the house. He got rinsed off in the tub again today, dirty Remus.

Matthew came over last night for spaghetti and xbox night. Remus still doesn’t like Matthew. He warmed up to him a little by the end of the night, but at first he seemed terrified and pressed his scared body against my legs whether I was walking or still. His bark is getting deeper, I noticed as he grumbled and barked at Matthew. by the end of the night they played tug of war, but I’m thinking Remus still isn’t quite sold. We’re working on it, if ever a cowardly lion needed courage it would be Remus…


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