Only very vaguely wolfhound related….


I HATE people. I hate them. People are so disgustingly horrible to each other. I had a call from a certain nursing home facility, and the pt in question was dying…DYING…in her bed. We were called, we got there to find this poor, exhausted, barely alive individual without ANY adequate remedies being started for her situation and not a freakin’ nurse to be found!!! We never got report, we had to get the pt to the stretcher and down the hall to the charge desk and then YELL for someone to give us the pt’s paperwork and we left. The pt did not get into the condition she was in in less than several hours. HOURS. This pt had been neglected for HOURS. And once they noticed, I think the only reason they called 911 was because the pt hadn’t died yet and visiting hours were approaching. I’m pretty sure they would’ve just let her die and called us for “unresponsive” so we could confirm DOA if they could’ve. The pt had a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) which is completely understandable (at that age I don’t want CPR started if I slip away either) but just because they aren’t a full code doesn’t mean NEGLECT is ok! The pt stank like amonia, which meant the pt had been sitting in urine for several days. It was so pathetic. Truly pathetic. I hate that particular facility and the staff are evil and souless. I hate this culture that allows and even oks the shutting up of elderly people with medical problems as if they’re a blight to the community. I hate the hypocrites that only visit at Christmas and then yell at you if you don’t start bagging an obviously dead pt. I hate the freakin insitutions that charge an arm and a leg from people who are really trying to do the right thing for their family members and then the institution lets the family member decay in silent unprotested neglect, except for during visitation hours. The whole thing stinks. I hate people.

And thats why I love animals. Simple, basic needs and instincts, no strings attached. Dogs aren’t cruel to be cruel, they don’t bite because they enjoy seeing someone elses pain. And they are loyal to a fault. At least my adorable, long tailed, scruffy faced wolfhound is. I love my puppy. I hate people.


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