Who knew puppy grooming took over 4 hours?


Seriously, I’m investing in some grooming scissors so we don’t have to take Remus to PetsMart again. What started as a very simple day of taking Remus to the groomers and back turned into a fiasco compounded by the fact I can’t think clearly while high on Pseudoephedrine. First, I was invited to go to the Melting Pot in Raleigh to celebrate a girl from work (Leslie)’s Birthday. Cool. We planned it so I’d pick up Kasia (my crazy polish friend) and meet at Leslie’s house at 330pm. I drop Remus off at PetSmart for his appointment at 11am and they tell me it will take them 4 hours to get him finished. (Rant about length of time for grooming to come later in post) I feel like crap, but only vaguely hazy crap because of the amount of meds running through my system (Mucinex, Advil, Pseudoephedrine). I wander around the various stores in the area trying to waste time until I pick up Remus. I drive to Home Depot to browse for any more possible Baby Room ideas, I drive back to foodlion and pick up some dinner rolls for lunch. (My stomach was rejecting any other idea of food I could come up with so I played it safe.) I park in front of a store two stores down from PetsMart, turn off my car, and proceed to waste the nexty forty minutes eating, texting Brian, and taking more meds. I decide to go back to PetsMart to wait for Remus inside the store, press power on my car to start it….and nothing happens. Weirder still, I can’t get the key out of the ignition.

I end up having to get the car towed, Matthew came over to keep me company (thank goodness, I really didn’t want to ride with the wrecker who got markedly more unfriendly the moment Matthew pulled up). Long story short, car was towed to Toyota, Matthew drove me back to PetSmart, Kasia came and picked ME up (and a very over stimulated tired Remus) dropped Remus off at Lillington, drove straight up to Raleigh (40minutes late), Toyota calls and says the car is fixed, Brian picks up Matthew and they take the Prius to Matthew’s apartment (I pay the $107 over the phone from the restauraunt), I eat food without really tasting it, enjoying the company, but feeling exceedingly more miserable as my meds wear off, my period starts, and I start having upper abdominal cramping. We FINALLY leave Raleigh by 830, Kasia drops me off at Matthew’s, I drive the Prius home.

What a fantastice mess of a day off.

In wolfhound related news, Remus was bathed, dried, and trimmed, and it took them 4 hrs and 15min. Really?!?! I can bathe him in 40 minutes or less, and thats including the time it takes to fill and drain the tub and towel dry him. Blow drying him takes longer, maybe an hour, and trimming his face, feet, and grinding his nails takes all of 15 minutes. (I know, because we watched the guy bring Remus out and do it). Why it took them 4hours to bathe and dry Remus I will never understand. Remus’s face has been tidied up (his eyebrows are no longer encroaching his eyes from both above and below) and his feet look a lot better. Remus also had his “potty patch” trimmed. I almost laughed out right when the groomer asked me if I wanted that done. “Potty patch”? I wonder what she would’ve said if I had asked her to give Remus a full Brazilian. So Remus’s butt has been shaved and tidied and his weiner hairs tamed into submission.

However, all did not go entirely smoothly. Remus behaved very well, but the groomer pointed out to me that he has two blisters on his front feet (now visable after the puppy pedicure) one in between his toes where they rub together on his L foot, and one on the inside of his R foot where the toe hits the ground. The groomer was unconcerned, he stated he thought that last one was because Remus’s foot turned out a little bit below the knuckle. I, however, was rather upset at noticing my puppy’s one splayed leg. That is the beginning of what could turn into a very serious problem requiring surgery or putting Remus down, at best he’ll simply get arthritis in that leg first. SO, Brian is moving the ramp from the back to the front porch and we’re walling off the deck so Remus can’t have access to those stairs. No more stairs for him, no more dog park, very little running around at all (after Thanksgiving) until that leg corrects itself. Usually it does and the puppy grows to be a sound adult wolfhound, but it makes me very upset that it happened to Remus. I feel like I’ve let him down. I tried to discourage him from thundering down the front stairs, but I didn’t take it as seriously as clearly I should’ve. Buh. Poor puppy, he is going to be extremely cranky without the exercise until that leg strengthens again.

On an entirely seperate train of thought, we let him out of the kitchen into the living room quite a bit now and in the morning he “helps” me get dressed for work. I dress in the living room on the weekends because Brian’s still asleep. Remus will mouth and paw at my pants (I wear two pairs, it’s cold out) as I try to pull them on so it turns into a tricky balancing act between me and my 71.5 lb puppy who is determined I shall not get dressed and leave him alone for another 12 hours. He barks when I put my EMS shirt on. It makes me laugh, I should probably protest but it’s just funny. He hates when I leave for work and he is a wriggling mess of ecstasy when I get home. He likes his people in the house, he is not a fan of this whole “work” concept that leaves him outside for hours at a time.

End for now, I need more drugs.

P.S. Remus still really doesn’t like Matthew and I have no clue why. Remus didn’t like dad either and even after playing with him for awhile I’m pretty sure Remus will be back to being suspicious when he sees dad again. On the other hand, he had no problem with Kasia. I’m beginning to think Remus doesn’t like men…


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