Wolfhound revelations..


So, it might’ve been slightly cruel of me to insist on Brian getting me Remus, I don’t think he really knew what he was in for… He understood the concept of “pet” and even “puppy”, and even though he was leery of any more pets after the peeing cat fiasco, he remembered with a certain fondness his childhood pet Mastiff and figured a dog would be infinitely better than a cat. Yes, well,  but he hadn’t actually researched the breed-like I have-or come to terms with the responsibilities of ownership-which I was eager to embrace-or even understood the scope of understandable wear and tear that comes with a large puppy-which I shrug off as easily as the clothing which I leave all over the house.

Some days I feel worse for Brian than others, perhaps recently it’s because he was gone for a week, but several things he continues to insist that Remus shouldn’t do even though it is inately Wolfhound Puppy TO do kinda make me go “awwww” in a “it’ll be alright dear” sort of way.  For example…

1. Brian goes to pet Remus, Remus enthusiastically licks Brian’s hand. “Don’t lick me dog!” ….right, but thats how dogs show affection…. it’s a losing battle.
2. Brian walks into kitchen, Remus sniffs at everything he can reach, meaning cold wet nose against skin. “Stop sniffing stupid!” …again, this is normal everyday dog behavior that isn’t going to change anytime soon…
3. Remus barks, at the dark, at trash cans, at strangers, at funny looking bushes…Normal dog behavior…
4. Remus whines when he wants to be played with….normal dog behavior.
5. Remus jumps around when excited and inadvertantly lands on bare feet with puppy toenails….normal dog behavior compounded by wolfhound size.
6. Related, when we’re in the kitchen Remus happily lays at our feet, almost knocking us over when his weight slides down the back of our legs unexpectedly and he stays entirely in the way (easy feat, he’s almost half the size of the kitchen floor)….normal dog, especially family loyal -and large- wolfhound, behavior.

Basically, Brian doesn’t like any dog behavior that is mildly inconvinient (though I think most of it is just cute, which doesnt help Brian…). He seems to expect Remus to understand this and thus not do said inconvinient dog behavior. But Remus, being a, well, dog, will continue to act as such.

Brian has not resigned himself to the chewed molding and window ledges, the stinky dog smell when it rains, the necessity for Remus to be let out regularly (even interrupting Xbox and movies), the fact that Remus wants very much for Brian to like him and will continue shoving his nose in uncomfortable places and lick barefeet, and that we are going to have said giant monster dog for hopefully 7 more years and not much is going to change…

Yes, it might’ve been cruel for me to insist on getting Remus, but it’s also mildly entertaining.


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