Christmas Shenanigans


Ok, so it’s been awhile since I’ve posted but the Holidays were exhausting as always. I really don’t like the holidays, not anymore. There is very little true wonder and joy and far to many stupid parties and stress. We survived. Remus helped keep spirits light hearted with his new found love of wrapping paper. He eagerly helped everyone unwrap their gifts-whether help was needed or not- and then proceeded to shred the paper into tiny bits. The 82lb wolfie left a whirlwind of destruction in his wake, but he was just too darn cute to do anything about it.

We actually drove home on Christmas Eve because I worked Christmas (joy) which wasn’t horrible I guess since I got double pay, but I’d of rather not. The day after Christmas we woke up to this:

As much as Remus hates bath time, he loves snow. He chased and dug and burrowed and generally romped in the stuff every time we let him outside. He’d come back in with little snowballs stuck all over his legs.
A few days after New Years I took him to the orthopedic vet in Cary and it was determined that he should have surgery to fix his L front leg. Apparently some cartilage in his Ulna never hardened into bone, meaning the Ulna isn’t growing like it should and it’s forcing the Radius to curve (making Remus walk like a duck). The surgery should remedy the strain on the Radius and I am relieved to know it was nothing I did, since I have been trying so hard to prevent a foreleg issue. It’s going to create a little bit of a strain on our finances though and a definite strain on Brian’s good feelings towards pet ownership, but it seems the best decision we can make.
Remus is still a goof, currently whining for me to let him inside. I don’t answer to whining so if he’d be quiet for 10 minutes I’ll let him in. If not, he’ll just have to wait. He came with to visit Nick and RebEmma for probably the last time in awhile since next time I go to Charlotte RebEmma will hopefully be two different people 🙂 I think a wolfhound plus infant is a little much to deal with. So excited about being an Aunt!!!! The nursery is finished and despite my earlier woes I think it turned out pretty well 🙂 I hope Emma enjoys it. I’ll try to be better about updating…

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