Remus has finally started growing into his full gassy potential. For awhile, as a young puppy, he never seemed to let stinkers, like, literally, he didn’t fart. His poop was smelly enough to knock over a cow, but he did not have any gas producing tendencies. Well, the little puppy is fully in the adolescent phase and with growth comes farts apparently. From no farts to fart master in under a month. He now not only passes gas frequently and consistently (aka, every time he lays down) but the potency is lethal and I swear smellable within a three mile radius. When he is lying directly at your feet it’s hard not to gag. We have made no food changes that correspond with the increased flatulance, so the only thing I can figure is he’s reached the growth equivelent of a teenage boy. Ah the joys of pet ownership. Time to put my flatulating puppy to bed, surgery bright and early tomorrow morning…


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