Lap dogs…


Everyonce in awhile I wonder what it’d be like to have a nice small dog I can tuck in a box on car trips and then calmly carry around when we visit new places. Nope, I had to get a giant, whining, farting, snorting puppy who THINKS he’s still a lap dog. That said, today he discovered rolly chairs…more specifically, he discovered they roll when he tries to stand on them.

I got to the vet early to fill out paper work for the credit card that will allow us no interest on Remus’s surgery for the first 6 months. The vet tech very cheerfully escorted me beyond the counter to fill out the application on one of the office computers to make less paperwrok for everyone. Remus, who was already whining because he hadn’t eaten since last night around 5pm, was turning circles and sniffing everything since he was in a new place. AND like he always does when we’re at a vet office, he promptly tried to climb in my lap. The lap climb progresses in stages. First, he stands in front of me and stretches his head out on my lap, then he sits back and pants in my face for a few moments. This is followed by one paw on the leg, and then a heave and both paws on my legs, his head facing me and him enthusiastically licking my face, glasses, and hair. He then realizes in this position he can’t see anything EXCEPT for me, so to protect his rear he shuffles around and gets his as much of his upperbody as possible resting in my lap. It’s a lot of dog, and not a lot of lap. At the lillington vet they have benches and a few times Remus has managed to get his rear onto the bench and he stays very squished on me and the bench until the doctor or techs come in.

Today I let Remus attempt the lap climb once, bracing my feet on the floor to keep my chair from moving. The second time I did it, I waitied till he was standing with both paws on my legs and I simply picked up my feet. Remus walk/rolled me to the other side of the desk looking very confused and jumping down pretty quickly. He gave me and the chair dirty looks, but made no attempt to get up again. Later, I was talking to the tech holding Remus’s leash and another tech walked in. Remus promptly rolled me back across the space before I realized what he was doing and put my feet on the floor. That dog cart idea just might work for Emma…


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