Remus has Athlete’s Foot. Apparently going from cast to bandage and basically having his foot in a sock for over two weeks can cause fungus. So even though I should be able to remove his collar since his stitches are finally out, I can’t because he keeps trying to eat his foot. I dutifully went to the grocery store to try and find a spray antifungal for his burning tootsie and it’s a good thing the Vet had given me a plan B because all I found in FoodLions First Aid section was a lonely can of Jock Itch relief, tucked embarrasedly on the far edge of a shelf behind a hanging display of bandaids. I’m wondering what kind of excuses people use when they buy Jock Itch Relief, I’m pretty sure “It’s for my puppy. No seriously, he has Athlete’s foot.” Is one they don’t hear every day…Perhaps it treats the same fungus, but I wasn’t sure, so I picked up some Listerine and Baby oil (Plan B) and left.  I dutifully poured one cap of Listerine and one cap of water into a bowl and soaked Remus’s itchy foot for a few seconds. The baby oil is in case it dries out.

It gets better. So I’m feeling all sympathetic for Remus’s plight, I’ve never had athletes foot but just the fact that I can no longer leave the head cone off at all is sorely dampening his puppy spirits. Being a concerned pet owner, I therefore decide maybe we should tie Remus out on the porch when we leave to go for a quick run instead of leaving him inside. Change of sights and smells and all that, he seems to like being outside. We’ve never had problems leaving him tied up before with the cone on, so we don’t anticipate any problems now. Well, about 1.5 hours later we return and I look at the porch expecting to see Remus straining at the end of his leash to watch us pull in. He doesn’t even get up. As we pull into the driveway, we realize it’s not for lack of trying, Remus WANTS to get up, but he can’t. Why? Because the genius dog  managed to hog tie himself. I don’t know how he managed it, but the leash was securely wrapped around his L front and L back foot and he lifted and head and thumped his tail like mad, but he was unable to get off his side. I put him out of his misery before running inside to get a camera, but I’ve attempted a brief sketch in paint to illustrate his dilemna.

Not gonna lie, Brian and I laughed pretty hard when we saw it, but I untangled him right away and I don’t think he suffered any long term harm. Shoot, he wasn’t even embarrased, he was geniunely confused as to why he couldn’t stand up.  Note to self, don’t leave Remus outside on a leash….
P.S. he’s now 96lbs 🙂

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