A trip down memory lane…

FIRST, here is the promised picture of poor gimpy Remus the day after his surgery. Notice the giant bandaid on his belly and the fentanyl patch on his sides. Both adhesives that had to be removed two days later, ouch. Also notice how close they shaved him, so close they nicked him in several places, especially around his elbow. At least his head cone is clear, the other one we have for him is opaque white.
Now I figured we’d take a trip down memory lane. I’ve got to try and stay awake a few more hours before sleeping before work, so this’ll keep me occupied as well as anything else. I suppose I should wait until Remus is at least a year old, though he’s not supposed to stop growing until 18 months, but he’ll be 9 months tomorrow and thats halfway done, so good enough. I will continue to reiterate that Remus for the most part, does not seem like a big dog to me. On the contrary, he’s about average, I hope he grows a little more even. Only every once in awhile am I struck by the fact that other people must consider him large. When I’m walking him, for instance, and I hold his collar without extending my arm, when he sticks his head on the counters without getting on his back legs, when he DOES get on his back legs and he is fast approaching taller than me. THEN I think, hmm, mayhaps he is a bit tall… intimidating he is not, but tall, I submit, is accurate. Enough rambling, on to pictures! He was so LITTLE at one point!
Look at his cute little “sit”! He does not know what to make of Brian or the moose toy.
My big baby! Approx 100lbs and almost 9mo 🙂

Eating my foot….
Still eating my foot….
The spider is almost bigger than he is…

Now spider is sans legs, sans stuffing, sans squeakers, and has only one eye…
Thats all I have for now :)

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