Lions and Tigers and BEARS oh my!


“You have a BEAR in your car!” This was the very shocked exclamtaion which made the lady at the McDonalds drive-thru almost dump my tea through the window. She was staring off into the distance when I first pulled up, with the vacant expression found on most full time fast food workers, the cups for my small water (for Remus) and the large tea empty in front of her. She pulled her self together after a few seconds, pasted on a false smile, repeated my order “A large tea, small water and apple pie?” and moved the cups to the respective drink filling machine. She handed me the water, barely glancing at me, and then as she was handing down the tea she noticed Remus, panting so hard the entire Prius was shaking, watching her every move. Thus, the exclamation. Followed by her hailing one of her co-workers to see the size of my dog. With lots of “How old is he?!” “He’s still a puppy?!” “ONLY 102 lbs…Only..” “WHAT is he?” and then the succinct “No one must bother you…” from the male coworker who had been hailed to view “the bear”, I finally succeeded in securing my apple pie, politely declined the lady’s offer to give Remus chicken nuggets, and pulled into a parking slot to let Remus sate his thirst out of the tiny water cup. I couldn’t help but laugh. I’m so proud of my big fuzzball 🙂

We were at the drive thru because we just left PetsMart where Remus got a pedicure and I picked up some other necessary grooming items. A fellow PetsMartian told me that apparently Remus was bigger than his Dane. Really? Remus is tall, but he’s such a lanky goofball it is VERY difficult for me to assess that he’s big. He did stand on his back legs to give my face a thorough washing in the aisle. He gets nervous when people are around and apparently getting as close to me as possible is preferable. I let him have his fun, his paws are on my shoulders when he stands now. Apparently he’s somewhat of a celeberity and since we don’t go all that often it’s like an Elvis spotting. We were greeted enthusiastically by the employees and the own groomer who had Remus for his puppy cut last time seemed to take secondary ownership, keeping Remus post nail trim laying at the groomers feet at the front desk while waiting for me to finish my purchases. The check out lady stated “We love your dog.” To which I laughed and replied that he loved everybody here.

Remus is much happier for the outing. I took him on a walk yesterday and a shorter one today. Hopefully he’ll be pronounced fully healed soon so I can take him to the dog park. I love the scruff faced doofus (sp?). I like peoples reactions to him, too, haha. 🙂


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