BIG post.


I have three things to discuss in this post, I shall try and make it brief.

A. A chapter in exorcism does not exist in any paramedic text book, it is not part of the required curriculem, or even recommended. In fact, it was never mentioned. However, it is in not entirely infrequent demand in the EMS world. Please, call a pastor or a priest, I can not get rid of that evil spirit trying to evict you from your apartment. I can, however, get you somewhere safe until you’re no longer high on bath salts. Take your pick.

B. Remus at the dog park. We were by ourselves for the first 20min or so so I took pictures :)
Plenty of room to roam
Isn’t he cute? 🙂
He sniffed all the benches.
Drooly lips. He drools when he gets excited.
PAAAAASSED OUT on the way home. He takes up the whole car.
C. Figured I’d post some of the painting I’ve been doing, I was having fun, but I was getting a little bored by the tedium of the current stage of my project so I decided to create a “How To” guide to stave off the enuii.
These are the leaves I’m painting. It’s going to take A LOT of leaves, I’m only on the first layer and each leaf is approx 5/16th of an inch, some smaller, some a tiny bit longer.
Get you some Liquin! I paint in oils, usually I don’t use a drying medium, but Liquin helps thin the paint to a good consistency as well as speed up the drying process since eventually I have to put three or four layers of leaves on top of each other.
Mix your colors. I used French Ultramarine and Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue and made a light and dark tint. Thats also my detail brush of choice.
Mix a tiny TINY bit of Liquin with a small portion of paint and load your brush. Start with one straight line for the middle of the leaf.
Connect two bottom lines for the base.
Add the top two lines, blending as needed with the rest of the leaf.
A leaf. I have A LOT of leaves left. Buh.
Sorry about the shadowy, blurry photography. My camera doesn’t do well with close ups of small things, and it’s hard to paint with one hand and photograph with the other. You get the gist 🙂
Thats all for now!

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