Yoga….24 hours without sleep


Me: “ADD people do yoga all the time. I can instantly forget my surroundings, even mid conversation.”

Me: “Does it count if I’m thinking about what my organs are doing? I think my gallbladder is cute, it’s all snuggly underneath my liver. It’s like Beauty and the Beast.”

My breathing was not fluid or equal, I kept yawning, and I can’t really say I feel much difference in my circulation though Brian laughed so hard at one point I think he started wheezing. Perhaps Yoga is best done seperately…or when fully awake…

It was marginally better than me sniping at the weather man on the news, but not much. And now? It’s after 8 so I almost feel awake because my body feels like I should be at work. My body feels slightly awake, my brain feels heavy and light at the same time. Like it could fly away at any moment but if I wanted it to fly it wouldn’t budge.

Annoyance> Brian discovered an excellent fantasy series 4 years ago, but only the first book was out. The second came out last November. The third will probably take another 4 years till publishing. I just finished the second and I am annoyed that I read it. It was engaging, earthy, not silly fantastical, and following a different pattern of storytelling that makes it enjoyable and complex while not being confusing just for the sake of confusion. I should have waited. Now I will just have to read both of them again in four years and hope the story wraps up in the Third (which I doubt).


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