I’ll post pictures when I get home and can upload them, this is just a quick update.

I got mildly sunburned, but it is quickly turning into tan (YAY!)

Because of said sunburn I took the day off from the pool yesterday and actually snuck into a few of the conference sessions….so cool! I love learning. AND there are a few things about eating disorder treatment that specifically applies to Emergency Departments and ambulance rides so not everything was “extraneous” to my job.

I have eaten more food than I thought possible and far from developing anorexia I think I’d be more likely to turn into a binge eater if I stayed down here!

I’ve almost finished a fascinating book about sociopaths (my poolside reading). Th

I can’t wait to go home because I miss Brian and Remus immensely. I wish both of them could’ve come with (though I would’ve had to shave Remus).

Thats all for now!


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