Favorite Dispatches


My first ever “lights and sirens” call as a student almost two years ago.

Dispatcher: “Medic #, 27D1, possible GSW (gunshot wound), Buffalo Wild Wings.”
We’re all like “Yeah! A good call! woohoo!”…but then…
“Medic # change that to a stabbing…”….alright, still maybe a good call!
“Medic # cancel the call, fork stabbing.”….we all start laughing.

New favorite:

Dispatcher: “Medic ###, 26A1 sick person. Female pt states her breasts are floppier than usual.*pause* and softer…”

**Maybe half an hour goes by as the unit gets to the call and checks on scene…then…**

Medic Unit: “Dispatcher, this is Medic ###, we’re back in service, patient refused transport, problem supported.”

I could not stop laughing.  I would be so curious to document a list of the most bizarre calls! People really do call 911 for ANYthing.


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