Doggie Murder


I was bitten by the cleaning bug today and poor Remus got in the way. Once he started licking the window after I had wiped it down, I banished him to his corner of the kitchen by propping the broom up sideways in between the cabinets. The kitchen is basically one big long rectangle, with the cabinets branching around about 2/3rds of the way through to seperate the “kitchen” portion from the “dining room” portion. The “dining room” is Remus’s domain…or penalty box, depending on your perception.

I digress.

After thoroughly sweeping, hands and knees scrubbing, and then for good measure swiffering the kitchen floor, wiping down all the appliances, scrubbing the counters, washing/drying/puting away all the dishes, and organizing all the counter space (I even deep cleaned the spice rack), I took the broom to tidy Remus’s side. I swept up about four cups of scattered kibble, pieces of shredded tennis ball ad other dead toys, and mats of fuzzy blond fur. That was it. I had wiped down all the (black) appliances half a dozen times to try and remove the wisps of dog fuzz that was EVERYwhere. In a fit of self righteous pique, I sorted through his doggie box of torture (aka grooming) devices and found the FURminator!

The rest is history. In the losing war of shedding, this one small battle was mine! I furminated and furminated and furminated until the equivalant of a blond miniature schnauzer was heaped at my feet. I think Remus lost three pounds, he is significantly skinnier in appearance, and what is left sticks out in a sortof wispy, insubstantial halo.

I just hope nobody has a pet stolen and thinks to look in my trashcan because the amount of fur looks truly like I murdered a small animal.  Remus is taking his forced balding in stride and is happily licking his weiner without a care in the world. Men.


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