A little bit of this and that…


Brian leaves for Iraq July 16th. We aren’t so excited about this, but we’re focusing on the positive, like the extra income while he’s deployed and the fact that I’ll finally get to drive the riding mower (yay!).

I found a comfortor set for the bed in the guest room, but I can’t find the right shade of green sheets. Yes, green sheets. The guest bedroom was originally simply “MY” room to do with whatever I wanted. So I painted 2 walls solid green, and the other two walls varying shades of green in horizontal stripes of varying widths. The trim is white. Now that it is our impromptu guest room, the bed is white and the new bedspread is also white. SO. Green sheets. but not an earthy olivey green. I need a vibrant green…like the emerald city in Wizard of Oz. I love this room. I know it probably seems a little much for most people (it is a lot of green and the stripes are very bold) but it’s quirky and creative and peaceful all rolled into one. It’s a great place to think or paint or write, all the green stimulates my imagination. I’ll try and post pictures of it at some point. I’m going to feel sad when we have to paint over it and sell the house 😦

Life on the ambulance is fun, I kinda like my job. However, for all those good patients there are a handful of bad ones, enough that I feel like I’m constantly incompetent. It’s usually stupid little things that I miss or don’t think of until I get the patient to the hospital, but it’s enough to make me angry at myself. I know I’ll never be perfect, but it just seems like too important of a job to make mistakes.
In other news, I took Remus for a 2.5mile run/walk. He did pretty good, now he’s exhausted….and I think I pulled a ligament/tendon along the back of my knee/hamstring. Oh joy. Also, Emma is huge. She’s already almost 2 feet in length at 2 months of age, and 13lbs. She’s so cute!


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