Driver’s Ed post script


I saw a new lane changer today. I’ve seen it happen before, but I didn’t remember it in time to write it in my Driver’s Ed post, so I’m adding it as a post script.

The Fake Out: This lane changer has all kinds of mixed signals. A nervous breed of driver, often the very young or the very old, this driver knows the legistics of lane changing but hasn’t quite mastered the technique. They’ll flick on their blinker in the direction they want to turn and leave it on for approximately 3 seconds and then they’ll turn it off, wait 2 seconds, and then floor it into the other lane. You can almost hear the relief roar out of the engine as they congratulate themselves on succesfully navigating the trechary of lane changing without getting squashed by a bigger car. They have many near misses, because the turn signal flick on on then off before any attempt at lane changing has begun just makes other drivers think they hit the signal by accident, so other drivers are taken by surprise when this car darts out into the other lane, the Fake Out driver’s knuckles turning white with the tension of his death grip on the steering wheel. Amusing to watch from a safe distance, annoying up close and personal.

Thats all!

Oh, except I had an extremely unpleasent experience on scene of a call last night because they dispatcher was an idiot and told us the police were on scene and the scene was safe when the police hadn’t even been dispatched. Yeah. So when some guy runs up to the ambulance and throws open my door to yell at me I have nothing but a ToughBook to bash his head in if his intentions are hostile. Thanks a bunch.

THATS all. Toodles!


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