June finished up fantastically, the weekend family reunion-celebration bash at Rebecca and Nick’s was a great success, but July didn’t start out so well.

Brian was supposed to deploy July 16th. We found out July 2nd that he had to deploy July 6th. Yup, tomorrow he leaves on a midnight plane to Iraq, fun fun (So I guess technically it’s the 7th since it’s midnight, I don’t really care). Now, I knew he was going to deploy, we’d both been planning over the past few months FOR said deployment, however the planning included this coming weekend (8-10th) and the subsequent week. To put it mildly, I was not happy when he got the text this past Saturday evening right before I left for work.

This post is rather scattered, but my brain has been pretty much scattered since Saturday. There are now several loose ends that will still be untied when Brian leaves. Brian has been packing and repacking in a semi-frenzy, they’re scrambling to get his orders pushed through, we’ve been trying to line up everything that needs to be done before he leaves in a few days instead of almost two more weeks. And, again, I am not happy.

I wish Remus was smart enough to do service training and I’d insist on taking him everywhere when Brian leaves due to a resulting emotional handicap. Ugh. I could write a whole bunch of mushy crap on here, but really I’m just feeling very keyed up and unsettled. My appetite is close to nill, I’ve slept 5 hours and been awake for 48, and my senses are on over drive. It’ll almost be a relief when Brian leaves in a weird way. The sooner he’s gone, the sooner he’ll be home.

In other EMS news, the fourth of July weekend wasn’t horrible, but it was busy. A lot of drunks, which meant a lot of assaults, a few gunshot victims, at least one house on fire that I know of, multiple MVCs (Motor Vehicle Collisions)-more pedestrians struck and motorcycles than usual, a few overdoses, and like 12 dispatched Cardiac Arrests calls…maybe four of them were legit, several were 10-67, DRT, whatever you want to call it (obvious death-lividity, rigor has already set in) Two of the ones we got were very dumb false alarms. If someone has drunk large quantities of alcohol and passed out, please triple check to see if they’re breathing and at least TRY to find a pulse before starting CPR. Dead drunk does not equal dead, stop jumping on their chest and let them sleep it off…

Also, if you live in a gated community, make sure your gate opens to a siren yelp because if not and you DO have a cardiac arrest, you’re just gonna stay deader that much longer as EOC tries to call someone to get the code to let in the ambulance/firetruck. Basically only healthy people that never have accidents should live in gated communities whose gates don’t open for emergency personnel (and most of them don’t), otherwise you’re just stupid. Seriously, those gated communities are first class death traps.

I think thats everything.


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