I feel obligated to post something on here but I don’t really have anything to post. I got to Skype with Brian briefly yesterday, which was fantastic but I don’t think I’ll have the same luck today. With bootcamp it was waiting impatiently for the mail, with deployment it’s hovering impatiently around the computer.

I work again tonight and already have four days of overtime scheduled…

I’m really really really tired. I suppose it’s from being in a state of semi anxiety-nervousness for 5 days, but in any case, I’m tired.

Remus has been allowed out of the kitchen into the living room much more frequently since Brian left, but the genius dog has managed to trap himself back inside the kitchen. He doesn’t understand that if he pushes on his crate door it’ll swing open and he can go wherever. I don’t think I’m going to teach him, because right now it’s convienient that he has no idea he’s big enough to push through flimsy barriers.

Remus is kinda funny wandering around sniffing everything. He’ll lay down at my feet for 10 seconds, then move his head and catch a scent in the carpet, then he’ll stretch his neck and sniff as much as possible while still laying down, then he’ll shuffle/belly crawl a little, then he’ll finally get up and take off around the room sniffing as if his life depended on it. After a circuit or two he’ll lay back down and the process repeats.

I’ll post again when I have something more interesting to post. For now it’s off to get ready for work.


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