Visiting with Remus…


At home, with me, Remus is a fairly well behaved dog. He has his moments of rambunctiousness where he wants to play and throws his toys all over the place, or whines because we aren’t paying enough attention to him, but usually all it takes is a sharp scold and a few basic commands and he resigns himself to being quiet and passes out on the floor.

However, when I take him anywhere else, he is beyond ADHD. He follows me everywhere if he can, whines and howls if he can’t, is in a constant state of motion and even inside in the air condition he pants like his life depends on it. He refuses just to lay down and chill, even when I’m around. Too many new places/sites/sounds, he just can’t cope. People don’t believe me when I tell him he is usually super chill. Then the SECOND we pull into our driveway, Remus wearily gets out of the car, maybe pees, and then walks calmly into the house, sprawls out on the carpet, and passes out. He sleeps for several hours straight.

I spent the night at a friend’s house last night and we went to the beach this morning. Remus spent the night too, but we left him at her house when we left for the beach. Remus barely slept. I know, because I kept him in the guest bedroom with me. At first he just kept circling the bed so he could pant in my face. Then he figured out that if he bumped the “touch” lamp with his nose it would turn on and force me to lean over and turn it off. When he finally figured out how to get ON the bed, he literally crawled on top of me. 130 lbs of dog is a considerable amount of weight. I shoved him off, and he seemed content with laying on my one leg, but he was still panting so hard the entire bed was shaking significantly. He did finally fall asleep for a few hours, but woke me up early in the morning by falling off the bed. Literally, he went to jump off and fell. I crawled over to look and he was laying on the floor looking very confused. Sigh.

When we came back after the beach, Remus was thrilled and still hyped up. Remus and I got home around 8pm and Remus is still passed out on the carpet. He was so tired that after following me around the house he finally gave up and walked to the kitchen to fall asleep. He willingly and on his own left me to go to the kitchen and fall asleep, even though the gate was wide open and I was still moving around! Seriously, that’s pretty miraculous.

Point of the story, I am very thankful for the friends and family who put up with my doofus dog. I SWEAR he does not act like that at home. He is still asleep as I write this, sometimes he even dreams, yipping and twitching in his sleep. Maybe once we start working with a trainer he’ll get better…

Thats all for now!

P.S. The beach was awesome 🙂


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