Georgia Fun!


I had a wonderful time visiting my cousin Zechariah and his wife (my cousin-in-law?) Sara in Georgia. I was pleasantly surprised at Georgia in general, they live in Duluth and the area actually looks similar to VA. AKA, not filled with sand and scrubby ugly pine. If I could get over not having a snowy winter Georgia wouldn’t be a bad place to live.

ANYway. I got there early and spent the morning with Sara (Zech was at work)and we tried introducing Remus to the Boston Terrier pups, but apparently Pigsby wasn’t a big fan of Remus and what one does the other follows :/ Poor Remus, big baby that he is, suffered a little bit of bleeding from his ear but inflicted no damage in his own self defense. The Bostons were corralled and relegated to their crate where they spent most of the visit. We discovered that just Buster was ok with Remus and Sara showed me the high-flying ups the Bostons have, it was extremely comical. The noises the Buster and Pigsby made were even funnier, the snorts and grunts and wheezing, haha.

That afternoon we went to see the aquarium which was a blast! It was crowded, so hard to see all of the exhibits, but I’m dragging Brian to it when he gets back because the exhibits are spectacular. The bulugas and whale sharks where definite crowd pleasers but I think among the smaller exhibits the spider crabs and the little hole dwelling fish (can’t remember the name) were my favorites. Zech gave us a guided tour, we even got to go to some of the “back stage” areas and see how the aquarium managed some of the exhibits, it was really cool. THEN we got to see some of the dolphin training and get good seats for Zech’s performance as “The Star Spinner!”

It was so much fun! Cheesy, haha, yes, but it’s geared mostly for kids. It was great to finally see one of Zech’s performances, didn’t know my cousin had such a good singing voice 😀 Also, the little boy next to Sara was hilarious. There was a fire alarm activation before the show started and it messed up the lightening and turned off the video that was playing on the screen to keep people entertained while everyone got seated. Since Sara had been explaining to the little boy how the lights would lower in the audience and then light up over the dolphin pool I guess he assumed she was the one running the show. As the lights kept switching (getting a lot of false alarm “ohhhhhh!”s from the crowd) the boy finally turned to Sara and said “Can you get your iphone out and open up your App and text someone. I’m bored now.” Then during one part of the show there is a storm complete with “rain” falling on the dolphin tank. Well, the storm abates and the rain gentles while the Star Spinner (Zech) sings a song about the dolphins. The boy was not amused, sitting with his legs drawn up to his chin he states “Um, it’s still raining out here!” At the end of the show Sara asked how he liked the show and he responded very noncholantly “It was ok.” Hahaha tough crowd.

I enjoyed it, it is so cool that this is what my cousin gets to do for work. How much fun! Afterwards we had dinner with some of Sara’s friends (a couple she had actually matched together) then watched a redbox movie and ate icecream back at the house while Remus drooled all over everyone and Sara armed us with Fabreeze to combat the Bostons natural gassyness. Ah, living with dogs…

Next day I went to Mass with Sara which was gorgeous. I love the Catholic service, the beauty and the ritual and the specialness of it, it is truly a place where I can “be still” and listen. Then we ate at the Flying Biscuit which is the absolute best breakfast place I have EVER been to. Delicious! My meal consisted of the best grits I have ever tasted, and chicken sausage, spinach, mushrooms, penne pasta, cheese and eggs all scrambled together. Pasta scrambled with eggs? Who knew? So good!!! By the time I had eaten the grits and most of the eggs I could barely take a few bites of the homemade biscuit on my plate, but that too, was scrumptious. Sara and I then made a quick trip to JoAnns for some DIY Nursery projects. (Can’t wait to see the finished projects!) and I now have a million and one ideas floating around for projects of my own.

Oh it was just a great weekend 🙂 Back to the grindstone tonight. Hope it’s better than the past few weeks have been. Craziness!


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