Creativity Burst :)


I’ve finished 5 more scrap book pages and have the last 2 of year 2010 already partially mapped out šŸ˜€

Also, I have a great idea for a childrens book. I’ll probably never get around to doing anything about it, or if I do, I’ll never finish it, but it’s fun to think about in my head. I like taking my imagination for a good brisk jog now and again.

I moved my current “oil painting in progress” into Brian’s room so I can pick up on painting it. I’ve relegated Brian’s room for the oil painting, the living room for scrapbooking, and my room for all other DIY projects. The house is well and truly messy.

Although I AM trying to clean the kitchen. It goes it bits and bursts. I’m also doing laundry even as I write this. I know, thats not so much a burst of creativity as it is a burst of doing ANYTHING around the house since I have been highly unmotivated to even get out of bed since Brian left, but I figured I’d add it in.

Oh and on a more depressing note. Don’t talk to me about Afghanistan. Don’t talk to me about the SF guy who got killed by a sniper or the Chinook that got shot down and killed all those men. Don’t talk to me about ANYthing Middle Eastern war related. At all. Period. Yes, Brian is in Iraq for this deployment which is considerably safer. But then he’ll be home for HOPEFULLY a full 6 months before getting deployed again with a 99.9% chance that he’ll go to Afghanistan. Just, don’t mention it. I do not have enough coping power to watch the news, I don’t want to think about the escalation of violence, I don’t want to talk politics. I have my own guns, don’t push me on this.

Notice any wild mood swings? Yeah, me neither, amazing how stable I am for this deployment….

More scrapbooking time! Yay!

This post is more of a pointless ramble. I apologize, I had hoped to keep this blog a little more focused and organized. But right now, I’m pretty unfocused and chaotic so rambling is just gonna have to work. I’m pretty sure what little function I had in the left side of my brain has completely shut off and I’m running on full right sided power at the moment. I’ll return to normal posting in a few days when I get pictures of the aquarium and then today’s beach trip loaded to the computer. Thanks for reading.


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