Bad blog site


Well it seems this website ate my last post. I’m a little miffed. Not that it was an extraordinary post, but still, I can’t remember what I posted word for word. I guess I’ll do a re-cap.

Remus is being bad. Very disobedient/rebellious. I think it’s partially because Brian is gone so Remus has more time left completely by himself, also he’s learning bad habits from the neighbors dog who just runs amok, plus his hormones are hitting with a vengence and our trainer warned us about Remus going through a “brain dump” right around this time. So, my lonely, angst ridden, rebellious teenage monster is turning into quite the nuisance.

In an attempt to allow Remus a chance to win himself back into my good graces I took him running with me at Raven Rock. We had a blast. His lope is the perfect pace, pushing my stride just enough to keep me moving but no faster. After 2.5 miles, my rebellious teenage monster was regarding me with a happy exhausted doggie grin, tongue lolling out the side, panting but not overheated. On the way home I realize it’s not just Remus who needs to get back into my good graces, but maybe a little bit me getting back into his good graces. I have to leave him outside when I go to work, but perhaps a little more puppy time when I get off wouldn’t be remiss. We still might call for the trainer to help, but I had forgotten how much I love the furry doofball with being so busy these past couple of weeks.

That was the gist of the last post, but I’ll tag this on the end.

Look at how long his hair had gotten! Shaggy man. He’ll match Remus if he keeps letting it grow out… I miss him. For right now we’ve decided to stay in the military, Brian is getting his Green to Gold packet together to go officer. Hopefully he’ll be happier as an officer than as enlisted, and the Masters will be nice to have against whenever he gets out. He surprised me yesterday with four commplete dinner sets of the polish pottery that I fell in love with this summer. So pretty! The pattern is just HAPPY and I love it. I love him too, haha. Thats all for now!


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