Busy month!


I’ve been slack posting, but this month has been crazy. Here’s a quick summary from mid August till now.

I met Coco, Jessica’s new adorable puppy at Jessica’s new apartment in Charlotte.


Remus met Winston

They both jumped at the same time 🙂
Emma met Remus. I think she likes him, muahahaha

Precious 🙂 Rebecca and Emma visited for two days, it was great!
baby shower! Christine is my “ex” partner. She’s expecting a little boy.

Gangs all here! I’m in the back next to Stacey, Sarah (short girl half way in front of me) helped host the shower. Christine’s in front of Stacey, and then the back row from Stacey is Tina, Melinda, and Leila. Beverly is front and center, and Bill’s (the daddy) mom is the blond middle aged woman and the two black ladies are Christine’s stepmom and I think step sister.

This past Saturday Leslie had an extra ticket to the UNC v UVA game at Chapel Hill. I had a blast (football is a lot more interesting now that I understand more of the rules) and even bought myself a t-shirt. Sorry Nick, I’ve never been a huge fan of UVA….
At the end of this month I have a Passion Party and then I think I get a little bit of a much needed break before heading back to VA to visit Grandma and have some more Emma time 🙂 I’m staying busy, I really miss Brian, and I have a LOT of scrapbooking to do to get this year done…sigh.

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