Running and work


I’m trying to get back in running shape. I’ve made progress in some areas and experiencing frustrating setbacks in others. Unfortunately, those setbacks are entirely outside my control. I run with Remus on my days off at Raven Rock, so far we do the 2.5 mile loop trail and then I finish with some lunges and stretching. From walking/running the trail about 50/50, I now barely stop to walk at all. I think yesterday I may have walked for a total of 4 minutes, and thats generous, I actually think I walked a lot less. I’m running most of the hills and my pace is faster than 10 minute mile, I’m happy. Soon I want to take Remus on the extended loop and make our run 4 miles.

Here comes setback number 1-I don’t know how long I can run with Remus. I don’t want to put any unneccessary strain on his joints especially since big dogs are prone to arthritis and other joint related problems, shoot he already has had surgery on his front leg. SO I’m gonna have to stop by the vet and get an estimate of how many miles is too many. Once I can no longer run with Remus I’m stuck by myself until Brian comes home. Running alone is not something I encourage girls to do, even at a public park. That leaves me the option of the treadmill, and the treadmill and I don’t get along. It is tolerable, barely tolerable, to run on that thing for 2 miles, but anything longer than that and I’m going insane with boredom. Even with music on, or a movie on, and I can’t read while running I bounce too much. The treadmill is the single most boring exercise I have ever endured, I don’t think mentally I’ll ever be able to run ten miles on it.

Setback number 2 also eats into my milage. I work 12 hour shifts and live 40 minutes away. Technically it’s 12.5 hr shifts because we have to be there 30 minutes early to check off our ambulances. That means I’m away from the house for 14 hours, and thats if I get off on time. It takes me about an hour and a half to get ready on my own (cook myself dinner, shower, taking care of Remus etc) When Brian’s home we can combine the cooking and me showering but he’s not, so I do both tasks seperately. So if everything goes exactly according to plan, I have 8.5 hours to sleep between shifts. As you can see, I have very little wiggle room. I’ve already given up an hour of sleep so I can Skype with Brian so I’m down to 7.5. Most of the time I average less than that, because when I get home in the AM I have to take care of Remus again and make myself breakfast. I can’t afford to run on the days I work, I’m already extremely short on sleep 😦 I just can’t figure out a way to add a run in on the days I work, there just isn’t enough time in the day.

Brian and I figure I need to be running 40 miles a week to get in shape for a 50k. On my long week I have 2 days off. On my short week I have 5. I could probably work up to a 40 mile week on my short week-5 mile run, then 12.5, then 5, then 12.5 then 5…But on my long week? 2 20mile runs back to back, the first one after working 12 hours? Not likely :/

So what does this mean? It means I’m frustrated. I want to run ultras again, I just don’t see how I can work up to the appropriate mileage. Ah well, perhaps I’m borrowing trouble. Maybe after I talk to the vet she’ll tell me Remus can run 15 miles without a problem and Brian will come home in November and instead of waking up early to Skype I can run 4 miles even on my work days and I’ll be in shape in no time….

Who am I trying to kid? Even if Brian doesn’t come home till January I’m not sure I’ll be running more than 5-6 miles on my own anyway. I have a long way to go…

I’ve set my goal at the Terrapin Mountain Half Marathon in March. 13 miles, that shouldn’t be a problem by then. Buh, it’s strange to feel proud about making progress towards getting in shape again and frustration at having let yourself get so out of shape in the first place. Sorry for the boring ramble, I’ll try to make the next post more entertaining.


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