Mind’s Eye


I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile and I finally found the time. Below is my “month wheel” which is how I see the calander year in my mind. I can’t place the months in a timeline (thats just awkward) or even spread them out evenly. The rendition isn’t perfect- it’s a 3D ring, like a tube,for one thing, also August is really a gold color and the light pink for May should be brighter (it looks dirty to me in Paint) and January is silver on the edges bluring into white in the middle- but it does a pretty good job of their sizes in my head relative to each other. This is how I’ve seen the months for as long as I can remember, and when I plan things throughout the year I literally think of them in spatial relation to each other on this wheel. So, seriously, I always feel busier in the fall. When I was a kid I used to love how Christmas and my birthday were evenly at top and bottom of the wheel and for the longest time I thought they were six months apart simply because they bisected the wheel. Took me a bit to figure out there were six months between them on the right and only four on the left.

Oh, and I put the colors for some of the numbers on the bottom too. No idea why some colors repeat in numbers and others stand alone. 17 is the same color as October (a slightly darker blue than seven). Seven is an exhausted number, nine is arrogant and flashy, three is logical and straightforward, sometimes boring. If you put any of those numbers in a different color (especially if you switch their colors, like making 2 red and 3 yellow) I get a little confused sorting them out.

-I have no idea why April takes forever.
-Purple is one of my favorite colors but I detest the month of February.
-August and September sometime seem to occupy the same space in my mind, like I can’t seperate them as two distinctive months unless I’m thinking specifically about one of them. For example, if I’m thinking about June (and thus I see the rest of the wheel out of the “corner of my eye” so to speak. I can’t take the months out of the wheel) August and September are just kindof a blurry spot below July and before October.
-In my mind, November is the shortest month of the year.

If I have memories specific to a month or season, they occur in my mind in the correct place for the time frame. For instance, when I got hired at Penn State as campus police it was in June, so when I think about the hiring process or those first few jobs I did directing traffic, the hazy memories take place in the green areas of the calender, in the upper-mid right cornor of my mind. When I think about jumping into Hideaway Lake with Brian in February, that memory plays out in the mid-bottom left, where February is located. Emma happened directly Left- I think thats pretty cool.

Anyway, this is probably of no or very little interest to anyone else, but it’s kinda fun to me especially since it was only a little over a year ago that I found out that the “color thing” I do was synesthesia and not something everyone else did as well.


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  1. Ok, but the real question…what color is Emma?!?! So glad you did post this – I love hearing your colored interpretations of life – this makes life a lot more interesting! And, August and September are blurred together because your two favorite sisters were born in those months so it just seems like one fantastic time 🙂


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