Post Delay


I’m trying to be more consistent posting, but I am having definite writers block. Well, not truly writers block, I have no trouble writing, but I don’t wish to post something wholey uninteresting to anyone except me. So, here are some unadorned snippets-or Friffles-floating around in my head.

-Someone decorated the inside of one of the ambulances with Christmas lights. Awesome.
-The more pages I scrapbook in a row, the harder it is to make them creative. I know if I put up my scrapbooking stuff for a month or so my creative juices will have replenished. I am at war with myself between the desire to get them finished and the desire for them to look nice.
-The closer it gets to Christmas, the longer my shifts at work seem to take.
-I’ve already started working on my New Years Resolutions list.
-This is the 2nd week of three that Brian’s been doing combatives at work. I’ll be happy when they’re over so he can move normally and without wincing. For once, he has more bruises from his work than I do from mine.
-I’ve had no “interesting calls” at work for a few months now and it’s getting tedious. I can’t tell if I’m getting jaded or simply having a streak of boring luck.
– I’m making a “Pros and Cons” list about moving back to VA in August to try and be cheerful about the idea. (You guessed it, the cons right now vastly out weigh the pros)

Thats all for now, hopefully something post worthy will happen within the next few days…


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