I’m attempting to post from my phone. If the auto correct doesn’t make me chuck it out the window this may be the new way for me to post. I have the most “down time” in between calls at work and now that I’ve upgraded my phone to at least eighth grade level smart I might be able to make this work.

So, I apologize again for my slackerishness with this blog, Ill continue to try and improve my consistency. What I’ve wanted to post for the past few weeks is a look at bad street names. It started when my partner and I were dispatched to a call in a lower income neighborhood on “Tuckahoe Dr”. It was late, I immediately said, “Where the prostitutes are fun sized. Just tuck a ho in your pocket.” It went downhill from there, but it got me thinking about odd street names, especially in this area. “Hotdog Ln” caught my attention when I first started working here, as well as the two side by side trailer parks-one all saltwater fish names, the other all fresh water fish names and no connecting street. If you guessed your fish street was saltwater and it was freshwater, you had to turn around and drive all the way out and enter the other park. Fun times. Now fish are ok, but who wants to live on “Bimbo Dr” ? All time worst street name so far, hands down, is “Hyannis St” pronounced in this area, I kid you not, “Hi Anus”. I’ll keep you posted on other interesting street names in the area, for now, its off to another call.


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