How to break an addiction…


Develop an overriding addiction! Works like a charm. No, seriously, it does. Brian left Friday early morning to visit his family in Lynchburg, leaving me holding down the fort here in NC while I work all weekend. You’d think we’d both be better at short periods of seperation buuuuut, no, we’re not. The morning started grumpy enough, I headed to bed around 2am (my eyes finally giving out on me after too much puzzling) and Brian woke up at 4am to get ready to leave only to discover that the power was out. Yup, and remained out for approx four hours. He left me with a flash light, extra blankets (it gets chilly quick with no heat!) and both of us disgruntled. Anywho, enough back story. Suffice it to say, when Brian isn’t around I feel disinclined to do anything. Be it get out of bed, shower, do the dishes, even feeding myself all kinda falls to the wayside.

I do manage to get out of bed and shower, but instead of bothering to wash a few dishes and make myself a substantial dinner, I throw in a hot pocket and search for something to entertain myself. The puzzle is beckoning, but at this point my back is almost seizing when I try to get up in the morning and it hurts to bend my knees. Even though it’s painful, the lure of it almost overwhelms me until I remember one of my New Years Resolutions to read 30 books I haven’t read yet and I march myself grimly over to the bookshelves in Brian’s room, determined to ignore the puzzle. My eyes fall on the hardcover box set of “The Hunger Games” trilogy. Books Brian read on his Kindle while in Iraq. I pull out the first one, remove the dust cover, grab my hot pocket, and start an addiction more consuming than the puzzle.

From Friday afternoon when I woke up to this past Sunday morning around 1am I read all three Hunger Games books in my spare time. I dreamt about the hunger games when I went to sleep Saturday morning, so restless and delusional I remember partially waking up at one point to yank out my pony tail and I fuzzily slip the pony band around my wrist (something I LOATHE having on my wrist when I’m trying to sleep) because I adamantly think I may be able to use the elastic as a snare in the Games. I wake up with it on my wrist and it takes me a few seconds to realize how foggy I was on reality.

These books were very engaging. Consuming. Addicting. Irksome, really. Maybe I was just in the perfect frame of mind for the story to take hold, but I was literally getting upset at running calls because I wanted to keep reading. I recommend these books. They made me want to punch things. They were really good.

I haven’t puzzled at all since picking up the first book. Not even when I came home this morning. The books are still tumbling through my mind, and what happens with any emotionally engaging (read: exhausting) book, it’ll take a bit before I can calm my thoughts down and go back to focusing on something else.

Read the books.

Also, if you’re addicted to something and need a break, try another-finite-addiction. May not be the ultimate cure, but it was a pretty darn good distraction.


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