February Highlights


I know, it’s only the 6th of Februray so I’m being a little preemptive posting highlights, but a positive attitude goes a long way in general mood improvement and my general mood in February is whiney, grumpy, and irritable. I could use some improvement.

I won’t go into great detail about why I hate February so much, some of it is ingrained and instinctual, some of it is the weather, and at this point, some of it is habit. However, good things do happen in February-namely, I have a lot of friends born in this month.  So here are some good things in and about February:

I have five birthdays to celebrate (Including both my brother-in-laws)

It is the shortest month of the year, technically, even if it does seem to take forever.

It’s color is purple and I do like purple.

It’s a great month for prayer and meditation. Albeit, some of the prayer is excessively whiney, but every year February is the month I spend the most time in scripture. I really need to extend this more consistently into the other months.

I don’t have to shave my legs.

Tax returns

And this year specifically, February is a good month because I’ve been able to work crisis pay and we need that money.

The thing that has really made my February this year, however, is something I can’t post about in great detail yet because in the process of drawing it out to get the most enjoyment I am trying to keep quiet about it until Brian gets home. It’s not really THAT big of a deal, and most people will probably be like “uh…ok…and you’re so excited why?” But I think it is pretty darn awesome, awesome enough to at least momentarily banish my normal February grumps.

In other news, the outside edge of the Picasso puzzle is finally complete. I only have fifty ish pieces to put in place and I am DONE with that monochromatic nightmare. Though, honestly, it isn’t truly monochromatic. There are at least two places where there is a tiny, but distinct, purple line in the painting.Thats right- black, white, grey and purple. The perfet February puzzle.


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