It’s OK Thursday…Remus’s perspective

I saw this on my cousin’s page (cousin-in-law I guess technically, but thats a pain to type all the time) and I figured I’d link up and give it a try. Though to give it a spin appropriate to my blog, I’m channeling Remus for this “It’s OK Thursday”.
IT’S OK (if you’re Remus)…
…to dig holes in the front yard. Digging is fun! Bugs are fun! Puddles are fun!
…to eat rocks…except that one…this one’s OK though!…nope…This one’s ok!…
…to stick my nose up people butts. Such interesting smells! Wish they wouldn’t jump so much…
…that my farts are probably killing brain cells, I don’t have many brain cells to kill so I’m safe.
…that I fling my bone on kitchen counters, as long as it falls off again.
…to bark at the neighbors. It’s more than OK, it is absolutely necessary!
…that I pee like a girl still.
…to run in circles when I’m excited.
…to make the car shake when I pant.
…to make funny noises when I’m bored and roll around on the kitchen floor.
…to stand on my owner’s foot, how else can I get her to scratch my ears?
…to help eat any and all left over cheese when my owner is cooking, even if I have to sneak it off the counter.
…that I walk when I poop. Too many interesting smell on the ground, no time for potty breaks! I’m that hardcore.
…to sleep for 14-15 hours in a 24 hour period…or mayb 16…or 17…who’s counting?
…to dribble my food all over the carpet when I eat, I’m saving it for when my owner forgets to feed me….wait…she only ever seems to forget when the floor is a mess…weird!
And to end the list, something that is definitely NOT OK no matter what day of the week: Vacuum Cleaners! Those things will destroy you! Best to stay in your crate and whimper continuously.

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