This and That


This post is not going to be very cohesive, I just don’t seem to be very organizationally friendly at the moment, bear with me.

Brian liked the bargain radio/8track player/record player I bought, yay!

I LOVE browsing antique/estate stores. But I like it for the fun of sifting through all that junk, I do NOT like it as a social activity like shopping at the mall with friends. Interpretation? No small talk while I’m sorting, silence is golden, I am in serious junk shifting mode. I think I prefer to do this type of shopping alone, as crazy as that may seem, or at least with people who don’t mind when I blatently ignore them to sort through a box of old toys.

As much as I like old junk, I still can’t stand GOING to yardsales. Hosting them? Fun. Going? Too much of a hassle. Maybe a really really really super big one.

Remus is spoiled rotten at the in-laws, they let him sleep on the love seat at night. I woke up and found him with his chin on the arm rest, tail thumping the cushions completly content. A sheet had been wrapped around the cushions to protect from his shedding.

I have a TON of creative ideas I want to do, it’s like I’m on a creativity high. The other day I actually broke out my sketch pad. Weird!

There is a post I want to write about but the content may be…disturbing? I find writing helps process events which is why I want to write it out, but it seemed a little dark for February, February is depressing enough. So, for now, I’m contenting myself with painting about it.

Next big purchase I want? A Serger. I am VERY tired of double stitching or doing french seams and STILL having the final seam look either too bulky or completely unprofessional. I know, nobody sees the seam but me, but it bugs me AND it’s time consuming.

I did an asymetrical, sideways-esque french braid the other day that turned out super cool and it was completely by accident. No, seriously, I was standing in front of the mirror and the braid style I was attempting was just not working and I was tired and irritable and grumpy. Brian brought me some hot cider and told me I was beautiful anyway. Didn’t help my grumpyness so in frustation I literally just grabbed a chunk of hair around my left temple and started french braiding. The finished product wrapped like a shallow C and ended behind my L ear. I didn’t make a part, I barely combed the braid as I was doing it, but it ended up looking kinda pretty. I definitely have plans to tidy it up a bit for next time, but I’m adding it to my repetoire 🙂

Guess thats enough for now, anyone else in the midst of creative projects?


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