On the Bright Side…


SO, it’s leap year, and to round out my misery in the evil month of February…I have…Strep Throat! Woohoo! Yeah. Just fantastic. I’ve never had strep as a child, my younger sister was the one chronically getting cotton swabs jabbed at her throat, my style was more emergency room type accidents. And yet, this common PEDIATRIC illness decides to show up when I’m 25 years old. What next, croup? This past weekend I was pretty grumpy about this, my throat seriously feels like someone is raking razors down the back of it and up into my ear canals, and at the same time I am choking on my uvula (little dangly thing at the back of your mouth) because it has swollen so much it is actually touching the back of my tongue. I went to the doctor today for my annual check up and the new PA was the one who saw me. I like this PA I’ve seen her before only once, but she’s very easy to talk with and she’s thorough with her assesments. The exam starts out great, Her: “Uh, you lost seven pounds since last month?” Me: “Yup. I’m not in uniform. I’m usually coming straight from work and what with my boots and pants full of stuff and jacket full of more stuff..” She just starts laughing. We get through the rest of the routine exam and I mention that I think I have Strep. She takes out the little light, flicks it on, I open my mouth and say AHHH and she goes, “Ooo!! This is the best case of Strep I’ve seen yet! I don’t even have to swab it!” I just start laughing and she goes, “Seriously, you just made my day.” The prescription for Amoxicillan just made mine.

On the bright side, if Strep had happened to me in any other month I would have been doubly annoyed, but since it happened in the accepted month of all that is frustrating I can’t really get too upset. If I have to get random childhood illnesses, February is the month of choice.

Also on the bright side, my tulips are sprouting! Remus has destroyed the bulbs I planted around the tree in the front yard (and very nearly destroyed the tree in the process) and the fire ants have taken over the narrow bed in the backyard so I haven’t weeded/touched it at all, however the two quarter circle beds framing the driveway are (now) weed free and tulip full! I hope they survive this wacky weather and there isn’t a late frost or anything, I really hope they bloom. Most of them have sprouted, I didn’t do a full count but one or two are either duds or late bloomers. A few of the bulbs have a double sprout so that’ll be fun.

To continue on the bright side, you know that puzzle I was working on? The Picasso one? Well I finished it within the first week of February…except for one piece. Brian and I tore the house apart looking for this one piece and finally ordered a new one following the instructions on the box. Then the other day Brian found the piece and it was…you’ll never guess…no, seriously…ON THE PUZZLE. Talk about hiding in plain sight, I swept my hands under the puzzle, I smoothed it out multiple times (but not systematically), we looked under the couches, between cushions, under the treadmill, in Remus’s space (very furry), in the laundry hamper, in every jacket pocket, we were desperate! And it was perfectly set on the puzzle in one of the grey areas so it completely blended in. So glad that puzzle is finally done! Now to glue it…

There you have it, I firmly believe that happiness is at least partially a choice. And even though I grump and fuss and moan about this month (it really does have a pretty consistently horrible track record) it’s important to, well, look on the bright side every once in awhile.


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