I have four types of dreams.

Good dreams- extremely rare. I can’t remember the last time I had one of these.

Weird dreams- not good or bad, just, bizarre. By far my most common dream.

Grumpy dreams- they don’t come even close to my nightmares, but they aren’t any fun and I wake up grumpy.

Nightmares- I don’t think these need an explanation.

So yesterday I had a dream that Brian as a dragon killed a kangaroo in some sort of hastily performed ritual, and then we performed cpr on the kangaroo even though we both knew it wouldn’t work and then we left because there was an army after us. My dream reaction? I was sad that the kangaroo had to die, she was nice, but I understood why it had to be done.

I woke up very confused.

Anyone else have weird dreams?


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