Remus Woes


Very different from my “It’s OK Thursday” link up, instead of the “it’s OK” from Remus, I’m going to list a few of his current woes.

“OH woe, ever since I chewed on that puzzle they keep me locked in the kitchen when I’m inside.”
“Oh WOE, I’m locked in more than ever because they redid the yard after all the landscaping I had done. Ungrateful.”
“Oh woe, when I am outside they put me on that chain because I chew through everything else.”
“OH WOE! That chain is SCARY! I am going to just stand here and not move and whimper howl.”
“ohhh wooeee, she’s using that buzzy thing and all my hair is falling off!”
“OH woe. This buzzing takes forever and I just can’t…quite…eat that bug. WOE!”

He’ll really be woeing in a bit because he still needs to be trimmed, bathed, and round two of shaving. (Yeah, his adult coat means first shave is pretty much bushwacking. Round two will tidy him up considerably). Poor, poor fuzzy.


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