Tulips and Braids!


I love my tulips! I am so excited that my bulb planting was successful 🙂 They are the results of my first real garden. I’ve planted and messed around in my mom’s gardens at home with interesting results (the phlox are still out of control phloxing last I checked, though a bit weedy) but this time the gardens are all mine in front of my own house. Somehow that makes them extra special. I planted tulips because they’re big and bright and Brian’s favorite flower. I planted these in October of last year while he was in Iraq, and I was a little nervous about his reaction because he’s a bit OCD and a little protective of our yard. Me deciding on a whim to construct two gardens at the end of the driveway without his direct supervision was probably a little nerve wracking for him as well, BUT without further ado here are the pictures of my success.

These are around the mailbox.


These are on the other side of the driveway. Notice how there is only one yellow tulip? Yeah, Brian sprayed weedkiller around my beds. I tried to warn him that weedkiller is indescriminate but he promised me he had been carefull…well, only one of the bordering yellow tulips survived.


The other half of my post is on a hairdo I’m a little bit proud of. After scrolling through all the pinterest do’s and thinking “I can do that” the creativity bug finally hit with a vengence one night before work. We have to wear ugly, boring uniforms on the ambulance, the pants are way to short and snap at the belly button and the shirts are plain grey polos which are way too big for me. Ugly, and uncomfortable. So last Saturday night I decided to dress my hair up a little bit. Basically I did three French Braids and then bundled the loose braids into a bunch on top. I added some sparkly clips for fun and called it a night. Viola! 🙂



   I think the upsidedown french braid might be a little crooked, but my normal perfectionist self cut me a little slack since braiding upside down means I have no visual clues to direction and being bent over upside down kinda throws off my orientation.  I still think it looks neat 🙂


Top view! Next time I think I’ll be a little more exact with my bundling of braids on top, but I was running out of time before I had to leave for work and I wanted to be able to take pictures.
It took me half an hour-forty minutes to finish, parting my hair actually took the longest. It is really tough to evenly part your hair when it’s long, and wet, and you can’t see the back of your head. I have a much easier time parting other people’s hair, but braiding other people’s hair is actually harder than braiding my own. The upside down braid took the longest, I’m still working on getting comfortable braiding like that, it’ll take a bit of practice, I was lucky this one turned out so well. 


Thats all for now! Oh, except since I last posted I’ve had two STEMI calls 🙂 (heartattacks)  I never get tired of being able to help people.


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