Mini Painting Epiphanies


It’s not very reassuring when you are working on a painting and your husband glances over and goes “Ohhhhhhh THATS what that is!” but I guess it is a testament to the fact that eventually whatever I am painting does end up resembling what I want it to resemble. In this case it is a very small canvas where I am informally painting an image stuck in my head from one of the suicides we went to back in February. Not pleasant, I know, and I’ve actually typed up a brief description of the scene but have refrained from posting it on here because I don’t think it’s something people will want to read. However, writing and painting are both good stress relieving outlets for me, and this particular call was higher emotional stress than some. The painting is coming on nicely for it being impromptu and hurried, it’s done less for any sort of artistic reason and more as a way for me to constructively deal with the mental images. The moment of recognition for my husband came when he realized I had painted a room and a hallway, not a bunch of abstract geometry.

My other painting-the ADD painting- is coming along really nicely if I do say so myself. I had a brief epiphany last night as I was painting that this was MY painting so I could paint whatever I wanted. I get sucked in to the people pleasing attitude so much that I was worried about adding things that people wouldn’t like. Silly, really, when you take the time to consider that as a painting reflecting my interpretation of ADD it is entirely my interpretation and what people think about it doesn’t matter-they can paint their own. So yes, I did add butterflies, lightening bugs, and a cluster of tiny mushrooms at the foot of the tree dividing the picture. I also touched up the moon and am contemplating adding clouds. Once it dries enough (I’m guessing in about a month) I’ll start the last, overarching part of the painting and then it’ll be FINISHED!

I don’t know if you truly understand how big of a deal it is for me to finish a project, but it’s a pretty big deal. I will be posting pictures of at least the ADD painting on here, though it’s such a large canvas the pictures I’ve taken so far really miss out on all the detail work I’ve done which is a little frustrating.

Time to go find something else creative to do 🙂


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