Link Up Fail


So after last Wednesday’s “Wondrous Words” link up by Bermuda Onion, I was all excited to do it again this Wednesday. I picked up King Lear and put it in my bag for work with all sorts of good intentions. Well, I didn’t completely flake out on the reading, I DID read…a little…ok maybe like three pages. Unfortunately, there were no new words on those three pages so I have nothing to contribute to the link up. :/ Shame on me. I thought about going to and looking up some  bizzare words to make it look like I was reading something super smarty pants worthy, but I resisted the deception. Instead, I’m falling back on an old standby and providing snippets from the ambulance.

Background info: Pt calls 911, they talk to dispatch, dispatch sends us on the call. I’ve left out any patient descriptors, but these are some dispatches that have made me laugh a little.

Dispatch: “Pt smoked crack and is sad now.”

Dispatch: “Pt complaining of extreme itchiness.”

Dispatch: “Pt complaining of insomnia.”

Dispatch: “Medic ##, cancel the call, pt has removed item from his ear. No further assistance needed.”

Dispatch: “It’s a finger stabbing, stage for SO.” (Sherriff’s Office) We had two finger stabbings in a row that night.

Dispatch: “Respond to a 29D2 (car crash), pt struck a utility pole….” “…pt is EtOH” (Drunk) … ”  Pt ran into the pole on foot…” (wow. Drunk drivers take out utility poles all the time, but without the car? Impressive)

Hope you enjoyed 🙂 Maybe next Wednesday I won’t have been such a slacker.


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