Wolfhound Chaperone


I’ll try to keep this from spilling into the TMI category, but it’s too funny not to share. Brian and I spend the majority of our time at home in the kitchen or living room. Remus’s domain is the kitchen, but we let him think he is fooling us when he sneaks out to sleep behind the couch everyonce in awhile. Well, Brian is an affectionate person and will kiss me on the neck or shoulder when I’m cooking, doing the dishes or standing around looking dazed because I’ve forgotten what I was planning to do (happens more frequently then the dishes). Remus has decided this behavior is unacceptable.

Recently, every time Brian has started being affectionate, Remus will start make weird groaning/moaning noises and then jump into his play stance (butt up, chest down, feet splayed) and bark. If I start laughing, his head will raise and his ears will perk up and he’ll look at me like, “Are you done?” And then Brian, who takes the Remus interruption as a challenge, just makes things worse and Remus goes back to weird noises and barking. I’m pretty sure it is the doggy equivalant to “Get a ROOM!” and it is hilarious. I laugh helplessly everytime it happens, Remus is just so adamant! And the groaning noises are really weird, REALLY weird.

The joys of pet ownership 🙂


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