I’ve Moved! And Changed My Name!


My blog name, that is, and for several reasons.  First things first, I’ve officially made the switch to WordPress via peer pressure from LifeInTheseTimes and FriffleThoughts. Ok, not so much peer pressure but more curiosity on why THEY both switched and finding that WordPress really is all it’s cracked up to be. I have been keeping some form of online journal since high school, and good old fashioned paper-and-pen diaries since I was…seven? eight? I’ve had several livejournals, a couple of blogger blogs, a My Space page and even-I know I’m dating myself here- a xanga. I had several of those at the same time actually, and there are a few blogs out there floating in cyber space that I can’t remember the names of or where I put them so I can’t delete them. I digress, back to the name thing.

I changed my blog name because my blog has changed too much from what it was originally.  I’m not so great at themes, I’m pretty lousy at consistency, and most things I start I don’t end up finishing exactly the way I originally plan to-which all holds true with my writing. THUS the new name change. On re-reading a lot of my posts, the central theme to my journal seemed to be that there was no central theme. I am all over the map from random spiritual insights to stories about my job to ranting about life to living with my goofy dog to coping with the joys of being married military to my personal neurosis…see what I mean? I wanted a name to reflect the craziness so I didn’t feel guilty about not being as thematically organized as other bloggers and then realized that if I focused on the craziness then I can post about anything and still be, technically, within a theme. So HA!

I added “Faith” because it’s my middle name and I love it and wish I had more reason to use it. Faith is also central to my life and who I am and will definitely pop up in my posts.

Viola! The name change. Now, I am not nearly as efficient as my sister at organizing a grand tour of my journal for any newcomers, and the internet is still wonky at my house so even getting this far has been a very long VERY frustrating process, but I hope to get things ironed out in the near future.

Just to throw it out there though, more than the name has changed with this blog-I hope. I’d like to post more about my creative endeavors; though I’m warning everyone now that I’m terrible at remembering to take pictures and breaking things down step by step.  I also tend to do more than one project at a time so it can sometimes take me awhile to finish what I start,  so if you get frustrated by haphazard bits and pieces you might want to ignore the DIY posts.

I’m also going to try and stop rambling as much in my posts, starting now.


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    • Still trying to find the “like” button, but otherwise I’m slowly figuring out this WordPress stuff. Haha, a puzzle category just seemed appropriate, Brian loves picking out impossibly complex works of art that come in a zillion piece puzzles and buying them for “us” to do together and then frame and hang on the wall.


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