Inspired by “The Hunger Games”


I really enjoyed “The Hunger Games”, both the book series and the recent movie, and after finally getting to watch said movie I really wanted to try a hand at the braid Katniss wore.


So here is my first attempt.



A good first attempt I think, especially with my slippery stick straight hair. Next time I’m going to try and braid a straighter diagonal instead of having it curve close to the base of my scalp. I tried twisting a few strands before braiding them in to provide some texture over the non braided areas so I didn’t have that plastered look. Next time I also might try curling my hair first, it always braids easier when it’s been curled.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, I recommend it. I recommend reading the books first, but I always recommend book before film adaptation.


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    • Thanks for commenting, I’m glad you liked it! I did it myself, I’ve been braiding my own hair for so long it’s actually harder for me to braid someone elses. I’ll try and get a step by step tutorial up as soon as my hubby returns home to take the photos.


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