Funky Chairs


I love chairs. I know, it’s a strange piece of furniture to fixate on and I use the term “chair” loosely to indicate any sort of object designed for seating, but if I had to pick any one piece of furniture that I’d love to have more of for absolutely no good reason-it’d be chairs. I have an entire Pinterest board devoted to chairs. One day, I will have a huge library, and in said library NONE of the seating will match. Here are a few of my favorites.

Pinned Image

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I really like antique cornor chairs, though this red one is not my favorite coloring. I also like chairs that are fun fabrics, or weird shapes.

Pinned ImagePinned Image

I’d seriously love to not have any matching chairs in my house…except maybe the dining room set, but even those I’d have to make different colors or something. Like these maybe…

Pinned Image

 Unfortunately, I don’t think Brian would be able to tolerate the chaos- he’s a very systematic, neutral color kind of guy- I already push him to the limits with my decorating schemes (ie, one of the living room walls is yellow and “my” room is green with two walls of horizontal stripes). BUT I am holding out for at least my dream library to be completely full of funky chairs, benches, stools, you name it. They just have such great personality potential!

Anyone else have a favorite piece of furniture?


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  1. I’m digging the Rhino chair….but seating must be comfy for me. I nust be able to kick back and read in a chair if I were to be in a library. I’d much rather have different couches.


    • Yeah, some of the chairs and stools would be almost purely decorational, but they’re just so much fun I couldn’t leave them out. Maybe I’d turn them into plant stands or extra book shelving…


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