DIY Jean Dress


Every time Brian leaves for any sort of extended period, I plan an outfit for his return. Cheesy, I know, but it’s true. When he comes back from a week in the field, it’s usually little things like a cute top with his favorite pair of my jeans he likes on me. When it was bootcamp’s Family Day, OSUT Graduation day, Airborn Graduation, getting back from BNOC, PSYOP selection, Iraq, etc…I wear some sort of dress/skirt outfit. Well, I’ve been planning what to wear for his return on Friday ever since he left two weeks ago and it turned into a fun (read “time-passing”) DIY project. 

Image        Image

Ta Da! Fun facts, my mom bought me that shirt from JC Penny’s as part of an outfit for my 16th birthday (yup, that makes that shirt 10 years old on Wed). It was fraying pretty badly along the bottom, and it still looks a little worn but I love the shirt anyway. I don’t know where I got the dress, but it fit really poorly. Let’s just say it was designed for bigger busts in mind. It angled so sharply from bust to waist that the arm holes stuck out almost two inches from my body and made me look like a Star Trek reject. I’ve been wanting to “fix” the dress for awhile, and Brian’s recent training has been the perfect excuse. Here’s a brief “How To”.

Ok, nix the picture tutorial, my internet is too crappy, it would take hours, (seriously, HOURS) to get three more pictures to upload. Here’s what I did, words only.

Cut off the top of the dress right below the bottom of the arm holes.

Took in the side seams of what was left of the dress (or, really, continued the seam STRAIGHT instead of flaring outwards at a ridiculous angle like whoever made the dress had done). I did this just so it’d actually fit me.

Used a chalk pencil to draw a straight line on the RIGHT sides of both the shirt and the dress where I wanted the two to join.

Placed those RIGHT sides together, matching up the chalk lines, pinned in place.

Sewed together. I don’t have a serger so I just did a straight and then a zig zag stitch to hold the seam together.

Flip back the right way, check that it fits, cut off excess.

Add scarf as belt. I was originally just going to tie it around, but I ended up tacking it to the actual dress to get it to stay in place.

The End!

And I have the perfect pair of pink flats I got in Lynchburg shoe shopping with my mom the last time we went up. I might wear it to Charlotte when I visit the Vincent clan, but if I actually get to see Brian on Friday (ie if he gets home before I have to leave for work) then thats what I’ll be wearing :)…well, unless it’s RIGHT before I leave for work and then I’ll probably be in uniform. But thats ok, he will be too.


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