Navigating the tricky marital waters…


Me: “Did I write too much? It’s only an article review…”

Brian: “No, it looks good. Some people write a lot more than others…”

Me: “AND I’M ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE?! Is that what you’re saying?!”

Brian, trying not to laugh but backpeddling quickly: “No, you’re just better at expressing yourself!”


Last night, I’m sitting in bed reading, Brian comes in from the living room where he was playing x box.

Brian, comes over and gives me a kiss: “I’m gonna start getting ready for bed.”

Me: “Ok ”

Brian: “Um, Remus has been straining to get out of the kitchen and he’s whining, I think he needs to go out.” (He has his “shining halo” face on.)

Me: “So instead of just opening the door to let him go pee you walked all the way in here to get me to do it?”

Brian: “You’re pretty cute.”

Me: “I’ll take him outside if IF when we move to Virginia I can put up a framed picture in our bedroom ALL BY MYSELF with NO direct supervision from you.”

It took 30 minutes for this debate to be settled, Brian has a strong instinctual need to be directly involved with any home improvement project. I have a strong instinctual need to have pictures hung up and not propped against walls for months because he “doesn’t feel like it”. Poor Remus really had to pee when I finally let him out.


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  1. hahaha poor remus! had his little legs squeezed together while mom and dad discussed interior design 🙂
    I hope you won. At least Brian cares. I could hang old newspaper clippings all around the house and he wouldn’t care 🙂


    • Haha, Bria has an OCD streak a mile wide, he probably wouldn’t mind if I hung up old newspaper clippings as long as they were evenly spaced 😛 And yes, I do get to hang up a picture in VA 😉


  2. Solution: bring Remus into the room with you when you are hanging up pictures. He’s a natural Brian- repellant right? Although, knowing his unpredictable appendages… maybe Remus shouldn’t be around when you hang up pictures either. 😉


    • Yeah, I’m probably keeping Remus out of the way when hanging up pictures-or any other home improvement projects. He tends to be far more destructive than constructive, “unpredictable appendages” is a good way to put it, haha.


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