A Brave Thing


I did a really brave thing this morning. After showering and letting Remus out, I went into the kitchen, grabbed a bowl and spoon, poured myself a bowl of Multigrain Cheerios, and added milk. I ate the whole bowl. Here’s the catch, the expiration date on the milk is….wait for it…05/22/2012. TODAY! I feel like I should get some sort of personal gold star.

I have issues when it comes to milk. I date my issues back to some time in middle school during the summer when I fixed myself a bowl of cereal still half awake, took one bite and almost threw up. The milk had seperated into tiny little flakes in an opaque watery fluid and tasted…ugh! My older brother glanced up at me from across the table and then looked down at his own-now empty-cereal bowl and said, “Huh. Thats why it tasted funny.” I heaved a little bit in my mouth and left the table.

Now I am a milk expiration date nazi but my paranoia goes deeper than that. When we buy milk, I can have it that day with no problem and if I daily have some milk I keep an eye on the expiration date but I don’t flip out. But if I miss a day, if I have milk on Monday after we buy it, but not Tuesday, the milk is absolutely suspect by Wednesday. The thought of “smell checking” the milk makes me gag, don’t ask me to try it. And as much as I love my hubby I don’t trust his chronically allergy-plugged nose to be accurate. Sometimes I can get myself to drink it (especially if it’s only a day or two since buying it), usually I can get myself to cook with it, but mostly if I break the milk drinking streak it just sits in the fridge until Brian finishes it or it really does go bad.

Just thinking about spoiled milk makes me nauseous. Seriously, Brian just talking to me about how he’s “Pretty sure” the milk isn’t bad makes me dry heave until I can get him to stop talking about it. SO. I broke the milk drinking streak a week ago, and I haven’t had milk until today, in my cereal, on the milk’s expiration date. I am super proud of myself. Next irrational fear/disgust to overcome? Non frozen yogurt. Baby steps…

Anyone else have issues with dairy products?


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